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PyGanic 5.0 EC Natural Pyrethrin Insecticide

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PyGanic® Crop Protection 5.0 EC is an organically approved, broad-spectrum contact insecticide derived from Chrysanthemum flowers.More Details





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PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 delivers consistent, reliable knockdown and controls some of the most-damaging and pervasive insects on your crops. Organically-compliant, PyGanic controls a broad-spectrum of insects on virtually every type of crop and requires no pre-harvest interval or restrictions on the number of applications that can be made per year.

PyGanic comes in easy-to-use quart and gallon containers that enable the grower flexibility at the time of application according to pest pressure.

PyGanic is compatible with IPM, farm safety and Worker Protection Standards (WPS) given its user friendly toxicity profile. It is ideal for Organic growers who need insecticide options for hard-to-control insects. PyGanic is made with botanically-derived active ingredients; it has a lower impact on the environment with a high impact on pests.

Pyganic is NOP compliant and OMRI listed for organic production.
Please see the label for directions on use and possible hazards of use for this product.

For backpack sprayers or hand-help pump sprayers:
· Dilute 1/4 ounce of PyGanic 5.0 EC per gallon of water--- this would be the ratio for EASIER to control insects that are listed on the label as treatable with Pyganic 5.0 EC.
· Or
· Dilute 1/2 ounces of PyGanic 5.0 EC per gallon of water --- this would be the ratio for HARDER to control insects that are listed on the label as treatable with Pyganic 1.4ec.
For best results when using Pyganic 5.0 EC:
Make sure you get thorough coverage on all plant parts (don’t just mist lightly or spray tops of leaves only; thoroughly cover all plant parts for best results).
Try to use ALL Pyganic 5.0 EC solutions VERY SOON after mixing; the Pyganic 5.0 EC is most effective when freshly mixed and applied.
Whenever possible, use a “spreader/sticker” with the Pyganic 5.0 EC & water mixture; the spreader/sticker will enhance the Pyganic’s pest control attributes. ThermX-70 Yucca Extract is what we use as an organically-certified spreader sticker when we are using Pyganic 5.0 EC; ThermX-70 would be used at a rate of 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in your final quart mixture.
Apply Pyganic 5.0 EC during the late evening, the night, or the early morning, but try to avoid the middle of the day; high, hot sunlight & intense UV rays may reduce the efficacy of Pyganic to some degree.
Pyganic 5.0 EC is most effective when the target insect population is in its younger life stages! Targeting the adult life stages is always a bit more challenging for any pest control product, whether chemical or organic.
Finally, most pest controls have a pH range they perform best within; Pyganic, as with many pest controls, tends to perform best in tank mixed solutions whose pH range falls between 5.5 and 7.0 pH.

Pyganic is best used as a knock-down control product; it is a contact insecticide (not systemic) and it does not persist long since since UV light tends to break it down.

Pyganic does have labeling for edible crops as well as ornamentals --- just make sure you read the label prior to use to make sure your target ornamentals are specifically on the label.

When using the Pyganic 5.0 EC, in compressed air sprayers, use 1-2 oz per gallon of water. When using the higher concentration Pyganic 5.0ec, then one should use 1/4 – 1/2 oz per gallon of water.

Pyganic is NON-corrosive to spray equipment.

Pyganic is a broad-spectrum insecticide and will kill beneficials, including honey bees. To minimize impact, It is advisable to apply it early in the morning or at dusk to avoid killing bees.

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