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Yucca Schidigera Extract, ThermX-70 Wetting Agent, Surfactant, and Biological Food

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Yucca extract is a natural non-ionic surfactant and wetting agent as well as a wonderful biological food that promotes healthy soil microorganisms. There are various different species or sub species of Yucca which grow all over North America. These plants are harvested and processed and then concentrated by cold pressing to retain all the bioavailable aspects of the plant and its cells.
Yucca is also a great wetting agent, which will greatly improve any foliar applications of other products, especially pesticides. It also has been shown to increase the permeability of clay soils which will promote water penetration allowing more water to reach the plant over a larger distance. Yucca Thermx-70 can also be helpful to correct any imbalances in the PH and Salt content of soil, as more water flows during rain or watering, the excess salt, acid, or alkali will be washed away over time.
Please note: ThermX-70 yucca liquid concentrate is a non-ionic surfactant.
(Non-Ionic = not dependent on a surface-active anion for effect; not dissociating into ions in aqueous solution.)More Details





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ThermX 70
o Natural Wetting Agent
o Natures Way to higher Yields
o Protects Crops Against:
o Heat and Water Stress
o Soil Compaction
o Poor Water Penetration
o Salinity and Alkali
Why use ThermX?
Growing conditions are never perfect. Crops are subject to many kinds of stress conditions that limit production and quality. ThermX helps plants overcome these stresses.

ThermX is a concentrated plant extract and meal containing steroid saponin. This natural compound is found in certain desert plants like Yucca. Steroid saponin helps these plants overcome the adverse growing conditions of the desert. When placed in the root zone, ThermX helps crop plants in much the same manner.

Action in Soils: Steroid saponin is a natural wetting agent that reduces surface tension. This action enhances better: o Water penetration into the soil
o Subbing of beds
o Drainage of excess water from the root zone

Action on Plants: Under stress conditions, steroid saponin increases the plant's ability to utilize water more efficiently, resulting in:
o Improved seed germination and stand establishment
o Increased water uptake
o Improved fertilizer uptake
o Irrigation Water and Nutrient Losses:
Water and nutrients are wasted if they aren't used by the plants. The root systems are often denied the water and nutrients needed because of soil compaction, poor water penetration and subbing, and by the action of excess salinity and alkali. ThermX relieves these stresses, increasing crop yields.

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