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Finesse GVH Granulated Biological Soil Restoration and Coreless Aeration Amendment

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Finesse GVH is our premium high-biology soil supplement derived from homogenously mixing and granulating high-end biology-driven composts, organic carbon sources, polysaccharides, hydroxycarboxylic acids, and soluble humate extract. There is no other product on the market that can compare in its ability to transform soil in a relatively short period of time.More Details





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Finesse GVH is a powerful biological soil restoration product designed to mimic the biological processes of the forest floor. Over the years while studying problem after problem, it became apparent that most of the issues that we encounter with plants can ultimately be traced back to a lack of biological activity, diversity, and/or balance in the soil. While traditional organic fertilizers, composts, and inoculants would often provide some relief, their overall results were mostly non-transformative or temporary in nature. As we took a step back and tried to understand why, we realized that every unique substance that is applied to the soil is actually a food for select group of organisms. In order to create the proper balance of organisms we need for plants to thrive, not only were we going to have to put the proper foods back into the soil, we were going to have to put them back in the proper ratios. Rather than second guess Nature, we decided to use the forest floor as our inspiration.

Nature is very rhythmic, so we began with the most dramatic part of its cycle, which is the annual leaf fall which brings a huge influx of carbon to the soil. As the piles of leaves accumulate earthworms and other organisms diligently work to break up the mass of organic material and incorporate it back into the soil, providing valuable nutrients to the trees. Unfortunately, in our home landscapes, we instinctively work to remove all of these leaves as part of our “fall clean-up”, but this actually eliminates all of the biology and nutrients that the organic matter would normally give back to the soil to keep it healthy. For this reason, Finesse GVH is loaded with organic carbon that feeds these top level organisms and will bring earthworms in droves to decompose it and turn it into the soil just like a pile of leaves in the forest.

Out in Nature, the degradation of sticks, limbs, and other cellulose matter leads to the formation of compounds called polysaccharides. These polysaccharides are a major component of the cell walls of fungal organisms, which is why beneficial fungi are known to thrive in the forest. Back in our managed landscapes, however, we find it is difficult to keep fungi at balanced levels because there is an inherent lack of polysaccharides being produced. Finesse GVH contains a complete polysaccharide complex that complements the carbon and induces the formation and development of valuable fungi. The result is a much more balanced and healthy soil.

Since Finesse GVH is often used on “sterile” soils with little biological activity, we incorporate highly biological composts to kick-start the process. These organisms start the degradation process of the carbon and encourage native biology to re-enter the picture and continue the process. At the same time, the use of hydroxycarboxylic acids allows for existing nutrients in the soil to be more readily dissolved and used by plants while the addition of soluble humate facilitates the more complex chemical reactions found in Nature, enhancing the entire process. Humic acids also chelate micronutrients into plant available forms and carry them directly to plant roots for uptake as well sequester nitrogen, preventing its loss from leaching or volatilization and keeping plants healthier while under stress.

When you put it all together, Finesse GVH re-creates the natural processes of Nature. It’s not a fertilizer and it’s not a soil amendment, it a biological restoration amendment. It supplements all the traits of a healthy soil; rich organic matter, stable carbon, diverse biology plus food sources to feed that biology, and powerful nutrient holding and transport compounds that sustain plant health. Common problems like thatch and compaction are naturally eliminated without the need for mechanical tools.

Finesse GVH is manure-free and safe for use on all types of plants and around children and pets.

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