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Potassium (0-0-34) 7% Ca, 4% S, 4.5% Mg, Pelletized Vegetative Ash (Organic)

  • Product Code:F;VA 0-0-34

This organic Vegetative ash is an excellent source of potassium for plants. It also contains other needed nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Vegetative ash is also useful for raising the ph of your soil. It provides everything necessary at the right ratios to improve soil ph, and improve plant growth and health as well as the soil biology.More Details





20 lb box
Price: $29.37 
50 lb bag
Price: $39.95 
Vegetative ash is 100% organic
Contains a high amount of potassium for new and existing plants
Contains a significant amount of insoluble calcium which soil biology will turn into a slow release calcium fertilizer for your plants.
Can be used to raise the ph of your soil while providing important nutrients to the plants and soil.

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